Baška Voda, HR 26 C


Information about our beautiful location

Baška Voda

Welcome to Baška Voda, at the foot of the magnificent massif of the mountain Biokovo, in the western part of Makarska coastline, in Dalmatia, on the Croatian shore of the Adriatic sea!

Baška Voda, in the past a settlement of labourers and fishermen, salesmen and seamen, by the endeavors of the hard-working inhabitants was made into a modern tourist resort with all the contents and trade-marks of a little Mediterranean city.

Cultural Heritage

The Adriatic gently caresses the pearly white beaches, while the sun happily spreads its life-giving rays upon the green oasis at the foot of the magnificent mountain Biokovo. Inherited from God and man, somewhere between the sea and mountains, between deeds and dreams. Since prehistory and the Illyrians, ancient times and Roman Aronia, right up to the modern days, traces have survived and enriched people.

Family homes filled with warmth and hospitality, high quality comfortable hotels crowned with golden stars and camps guarantee a great holiday. An eternal source of poetic inspiration and wonderment of life, the sea calls for you to enjoy in happy moments that will forever remain in the hearts and memories of those in love with life. Relax and forget all your worries in the shade of palm trees and pines, during a leisurely stroll along the sea, in the company of those you love. Inhale and fill your lungs with health, plunge into the fragrance of dew on pine needles, grape leaf, olives and palms. Discover why long ago it was written that here even a dying man comes to life again!


Ikovac beach
– west and south of Ikovac, a large stone in the sea
Showers, Cabins, cafes, deck chairs, parasols

Podluka beach
– from the Ikovac beach to the port
Showers, Cabins, WC, Wrestaurants and cafes, recreational facilities, deck chairs, parasols, children’s playground

Nikolina beach
– from the port to the Stazica beach
Blue flag, Showers, Cabins, WC, restaurants and cafes, deck chairs, parasols, massages, beach and sea access for disabled people, rescue service

Stazica beach
-from the Nikolina beach to the Baško Polje beach
Showers, Cabins, WC, cafes, recreational facilities, deck chairs, parasols.

Baško polje beach
-from the pier to the Dječje selo beach
Showers, Cabins, WC, restaurants and cafes, recreational facilities, deck chairs, parasols, children’s…

Dječje selo beach
-from the Baško polje beach to the port of Promajna

Sights to visit


Archaeological site Gradina is situated on a hill about a hundred meters west of the fresh water spring, which was the main reason for the settlement of this area in the prehistoric times. According to the map Tabula Peutingeriana, this area was once the ancient settlement Aronia. The fort whose remains are visible in Gradina, was the most important part of the settlement that extended at its foothill and east of the spring.

Monument to the fallen soldiers

A monument to the fallen soldiers and victims of World War II from Baška Voda was erected in 1980. The author of the monument is Rajko Radović, signed on the monument under the pseudonym Nuclear. The hyper-realistic bronze figure of a partisan fighter is central to the fountain.

Fountain and Square of father Gabro Cvitanović

The Baška Voda Spring Fountain was built in 2007, not far from the place where a lake had been until 1925, that is, near one of the springs with fresh water springs after which Baška Voda was named. Water pouring over the rocky cascades, the fountain is a monument also to the hardworking women of Baška, who washed their laundry at these fresh water springs.